Hair Oil, Creme & Pomade

Mineral Oil

Top quality mineral oil with no fragrance or color. Available in 16oz, gallon.

Rose Hair Oil

Available in 16oz.

Pure Lanolin 100%

Available in 13.5oz.

Pressing Oil with Lanolin

Available in 14oz.

Gabel’s Creme Oil / Hair Creme

10oz with free pump. Click image to link to Amazon

Pre-Straightener Creme Base

Available in 12.5oz.

Curl Activator with Lanolin

Available in 16oz. Temporary not available

Pomade – Brilliantine & Lemon ( Oil Base)

Available in 3.5oz, 14oz

Gabel’s Lemon Classic Pomade 3.5oz (Oil Base) 

Click to link to Amazon

Gabel’s Brilliantine Classic Pomade 3.5oz (Oil Base)

Click to link to Amazon

Crew Cut / Butch Wax – Extra Hold Pomade

Available in 3.5oz, 13oz