After Shave Creme & Lotion

Gabel’s Vanishing Creme

An excellent skin moisturizing agent and after shave creme. Helps to eliminate skin rash and razor burn from shaving. Menthol and peppermint oils work to cool and refresh the skin. Available in 15oz.

Gabel’s After Shave Lotion

Ideal as a freshener. After washing face, arms, and shoulders, apply Lotion to these areas as you would the shaven face or neck.

Bay Rum ♦ Top of the line !

Gabel’s Bay Rum Aftershave is made with original bay rum oils. Cools, refreshes, and smells good too! Available in Gallon, 16oz.

Original, Lime & Lilac ♦ Yours Favorite too !

Available in 16oz.

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Classic Aftershave with Menthol