About Us

Gabel’s Cosmetics Inc. was established in 1932 as a manufacturer and supplier of professional products for barbers, beauticians, manicurists, beauty school and SPA by the founder, Ernest Gabel.

Throughout the past 87 years, Gabel’s has developed various well known and loved personal care brands such as Gabel’s, Nu-Trex, Improve, Expand, Award Winner, Safon, Silver Gray, Sta-Cool, Dip-N-Clip, Instant Liquid Lather, De Cleer.

In addition to these personal care brands, Gabel’s continues to also serve well known private label customers and contract government units.

Gabel’s is still committed to serving the same, if not better, quality of product and customer service since its doors opened in 1932.

We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you soon!

We care… 

Gabel’s New Management