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We already launched at Amazon:

Official page is “Gabel’s” Check out seller by Gabel’s Cosmetics Inc.

New products or gift sets are exclusive at Amazon.


A f t e r s h a v e s

126 S | AVE 18 | LA 31

These were based on the Gabel’s physical address location:

126 South Avenue 18, Los Angeles, CA 90031

You just need to remember “Gabel’s Cosmetics” search us online and our address will refresh you these 3 signature aftershaves. Both 126 S and AVE 18 were launched in 2019 already. LA 31 will be coming soon.(current zip code is 90031, but in 1950s, there was only 2 digits zip code, i.e. 31″ )

Travel size aftershaves 50ml / 1.7 fl. oz

Personal size 📌 TOUCH YOUR OWN BOTTLE 📌 Enjoy yourself

Spoils yourself ✔️ with up a notch ✔️ Hair Care