Nu-Trex Creme Shampoo - The original formula, high-lathering and conditioning. Use prior to coloring or perms. Made with Lanolin and Glycerin to prepare and repair hair. Neutral pH to prevent scalp irritation and dryness. Used to remove shampoo build-up by retail brands.
Nu-Trex Creme Shampoo with Balsam - Same high lathering formula as the original formula, but with the oil of balsam added. This adds conditioning to fine and softer hair.  
   Nu-Trex Lathering Oil - Designed especially for dry hair and scalp. Leaves the hair naturally shiny without adding chemicals to build up on the hair.
  Nu-Trex Neutral Shampoo - Designed to be a neutralizing shampoo for normal and oily scalp and hair. More conditioners added for especially good luster and softness.
   Nu-Trex Egg Creme Shampoo - The last shampoo to use the most expensive protein product. The natural fresh eggs are never processed or refined. This product contains 2% whole eggs. The largest percentage of natural protein makes this one of the finest general use shampoos made.
 Nu-Trex Honey Almond Concentrate Shampoo - This is a back bar standard. Very effective shampoo with up to 8 to 1 dilution rate.  
 Nutrex Creme Shampoo Image   Gabel's Creme Shampoo - A mild product that can be used daily without damage or dryness to the hair or scalp. This is general grade commonly used as an institutional shampoo for use by schools and retirement centers. Available in Strawberry Pink, Lemon Yellow, and Mint Green.
  Gabel's Creme Fluff Shampoo - The last solid creme shampoo of its kind. The highly concentrated, ultra-high quality, rich lathering and excellent cleansing action. Designed to have a neutral pH of 7 to prepare hair for coloring or clarifying. This is a choice of studio make-up departments. Excellent fragrances: lemon, mint, bouquet, strawberry and green apple.  
   Expand Concentrated Shampoo - One gallon makes 16 gallons of rich shampoo. High lather for quick cleaning for professional use.
 Decleer Concentrated Shampoo - One gallon makes 20 gallons of shampoo. This shampoo has a lower lather rate that gives it a quicker rinse to save time and water. Designed for schools, institutions, clubs and highly productive salons.  
   Pine Tar Shampoo - Contains actual pine tar in a coconut oil base. This is the original 60 year old formula used when your customer has skin and hair problems. This is possibly the only soap shampoo made.
  Improve Silver Gray Shampoo - The finest shampoo commercially available for white or gray hair. Takes the yellow out of hair without any drabness. Not recommended for tinted, dyed or bleached hair.