Nu-Trex Creme Rinse and Conditioner - For conditioning use full strength as a leave in conditioner. When diluted, the stylist can vary the strength to meet the needs of the client, and control the manageability of the hair. Designed for medium to long hair to condition and detangle.
 Nu-Trex Balsam Conditioner - Same conditioner but with the blossom conditioning agent.
   Gabel's Creme Rinse - This is the conditioner designed for institutional use with Gabel's shampoo. Sensibly priced for schools and high volume salons.
 Improved Hair So Thick - For fine hair. This conditioner makes hair feel and look thicker, gives gentle body without over conditioning or weighting down hair. Excellent for preparing the hair for setting or styling.
 Improve Silver Gray Shampoo - This is the companion to the Silver Gray Shampoo. It contains protein and conditioners especially for the gray or white hair. Will not dull or yellow the hair and leaves the hair full of body, soft, easy to manage, and very shiny.
Safon Hair and Wig Cleaner - Designed for hair pieces and wigs. Cleans all types of hair; real and synthetic.