Gabel's Hand Lotion - The favorite of the professional manicurist. One of the few lotions that rub in without feeling greasy or oily. This product will not thin when used in warming machines. Formulated to be an absorbing lotion. Comes in gardenia, peach, mango, baby powder, and wisteria fragrances.
Gabel's Cuticle Remover Gel - The first gel formula with the strength of the original crème lotion. It conditions the nail better than any other type of nail prep on the market. It's a gel formula so is stays on the nail and does not run off. This is the fastest action product available.
Gabel's Cuticle Softener - Creme formula that softens cuticles for push back and removal. This thick and creamy formula will not run off the nail, but thin enough to absorb into the skin to be very effective. There are no caustic products to cause any skin irritation.
Gabel's Cuticle Oil - This pure oil is bacteria free and pure enough to be used on babies. Designed to re-fat the nail and cuticle when dryness occurs. Contains no cooking oils and will not become rancid.
Gabel's Sta-Cool Astringent - This is a non oily astringent that uses the more expensive confection grade menthol crystals. Sta-Cool Astringent is the professional's choice when quality is desired over price. This product does not have the typical medicinal smell as its oily competitors. Feels clean and refreshed.
Gabel's Polish Remover - Professional strength, contains no water. Quickly and easily removes all nail polishes. Oil, fragrance and color are added to make this the best quality product available. This product comes in pink and green.
Gabel's Non-Acetone Polish Remover - Professional strength formula. This product does not contain any dimetyl ketone which is acetone. No water is added to weaken the solution. Since there is no acetone, this product will not remove false nails or damage tips. No deceptive N/a labeling.
Gabel's Pure Acetone - Pure, not reclaimed or watered down. Certificates of Compliance are available with MSDS sheets.
Gabel's Polish Thinner - The only product that will thin nail polish without diluting. This is the thinner that is used in polish manufacturing.
Gabel's Mineral Oil - Top quality mineral oil with no fragrance or color.